Crisco Kidd Introduces #YouTubeYouChoose [VIDEO]

So, every morning, my inboxes are FULL of new music from both major label and indie artists. My job as a tastemaker and media personality is to go thru them ALL, yes, ALL (or as many as we can) every day. Sometimes, we come across a video that takes us to another video and so on… gotta love social media!

As we were going through a few covers, DJ WizKid mentioned we should feature some of these artists and see who people think had the best covers of some of the best records out now. I said, let’s not just make it records but, the best of whatever is trending now. Introducing, #YouTubeYouChoose!

Our first #YouTubeYouChoose features John Legend’s “All Of Me,” check the videos after the jump and let us know which cover you like best on Twitter or leave a comment on our video on YouTube using the hashtag: #YouTubeYouChoose



Jessi Malay


Luciana Zogbi


Nico Collins




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